What is a Vintage Rug? What are its features?

Vintage is one of the favorite words of the last period. Changing times and conditions underline some of the positive aspects of the past, reminding of its importance. For this reason, throughout history, people have had a nostalgic longing for the periods that came before them. vintage furniture, vintage clothing, vintage rug… These words that appear in every field today are perhaps the result of this longing.
The agreed definition of the concept of vintage is design products that are more than 40 years old, sometimes with aesthetic value, sometimes with still usable features, and sometimes because they are a craft product. However, today, this word can be used instead of retro and antique, as well as products that are reproduced with current techniques in a style of the past.

vintage rug also refers to rugs that have antique value and are reproduced with some authentic designs. Especially in a society with a deep-rooted rug tradition like ours, motifs based on traditions such as Oushak and Isparta with their unique features are frequently reproduced with modern techniques.
Besides the known rug motifs, vintage rug It can also be produced by being inspired by prayer rugs, furniture carvings and other authentic patterns and motifs from the past.

How to Make a Vintage Rug
vintage rugToday, it can be encountered with many different production techniques. The examples that best fit the definition of vintage are rugs woven in classic colors using natural materials such as wool. However, there are also vintage rugs produced by recycling old rugs through certain processes. These rugs are made ready for reuse by shredding, reassembling and trimming in appropriate ways.
As we mentioned above, vintage rug covers a broad category. In addition to classical techniques, we witness that designs inspired by the past can be woven on the machine with modern technology. These designs can also be presented with a worn, used look in various ways.
To talk about the adventure of the vintage rugs in the Rugretail collection:
• First, we start by collecting rugs that are thought to have expired and sold to antique dealers and rug makers.
• We fade the colors in order to absorb the paint thoroughly and give it a lively appearance.
• We shave and repair worn and damaged surfaces. Thus, the pile height is slightly reduced.
• We are performing the new paint application. And our vintage rugs are ready! 😊

Vintage Rug Models
vintage rug One of the most frequently encountered designs in the category are rugs with an aged look, in which Oushak patterns are reinterpreted and woven with natural or synthetic materials. In addition, classical Isparta patterns such as rosestan, sprinkling and tapestry stand out in both authentic and reinterpreted designs.
slightly faded appearance, vintage rug It is very popular among models. However, it is also possible to encounter designs in which we encounter classical patterns and colors with their vividness.
In addition to traditional Turkish and eastern patterns, boho style and western patterns are among the preferred looks in vintage rug designs.

Why Choose Vintage Rug Models?
All rugs in the Rugretail vintage rug collection are produced with wool and cotton threads. As wool is the most important defense tool for animals against nature, when it is processed and woven, it also becomes a powerful heat insulation tool for us. Cotton, which we prefer in many areas from our clothes to sterile health products, is a material that is easy to clean thanks to its breathable structure, has a very healthy and pleasant texture.
Another important point that makes this collection attractive is that they are upcycled products. In this way, rugs that have witnessed houses, people and stories before, and which are thought to have completed their task, have the chance to blend into life again. In brand new spaces, it witnesses other people's homes and accompanies them in life.
Rugretail vintage rug The products in the collection are affordable and long-lasting compared to other classical and traditional rugs. If you like classic patterns, the rugs in this collection can be an affordable alternative for you.
It should not be forgotten that these motifs, patterns and weaving techniques have taken place over the years. These designs, which date back to millennia, found their place in many places from the most modest houses to the most magnificent palaces, and they continue to do so.

Where Is Vintage Rug Used?
Vintage rug models ideal for adding a classical touch to spaces furnished in a modern style. However, in minimal spaces, if you want to underline the rest of the space by adding a striking element to the environment, you can choose a product from the vintage collection. Its traditional and classic patterns will also fit well with classic, solid wood furniture. You can use it to add a nice contrast to industrial spaces.

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